And You Thought a Light Bulb was Just for Light

And You Thought a Light Bulb was Just for Light

By: Gabby Hassan
What are light bulbs for?
Sounds like a pretty simple question…Most people would answer: They’re for creating light.
While that is true, they also have tons of other uses. You can be creative with bulbs and even find uses for them after they have burned out. Here are some fun ideas:
1)      Did you run out of vases? Turn your old bulb into a charming little vase to hold your flowers!

2)      Want to liven up your backyard or garden? Hang bulbs from the trees to give your house a floaty romantic look and feel.

3)      Just because your light bulb burns out doesn’t mean it can’t be used to make light!Create and oil lamp and use it as a candle as an out of the box retro centerpiece.

4)      Did you spend all your Christmas money buying present for the family and forget to buy ornaments for your tree? No worries, because you can create a fun art and crafts project by decorating bulbs with glitter to make unique beautiful ornaments.

5)      Want to add some fun to your dinner set? Put a salt and pepper shakers on your table…Made out of light bulbs!

6)      Who doesn’t love to play the maraca? Better yet who wouldn’t love to play a maraca made out of a light bulb! Simply and cover it with mache, let it dry, and once the inside glass cracks, you have yourself a top notch instrument.

7)      I get complimented on my bulbs everywhere I go. No, not the ones in my house…the ones on my neck! Making custom jewelry out of my old small bulbs ensures that I have my own one-of-a kind necklace that catches everyone’s attention.

These little ingenious ways of using light bulbs are not only practical and fun, but they’ll have everyone who sees them turning green with envy and admiration. And don’t forget all those old bulbs are going to need replacing so go to for your every light related need!
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