July 8th 2013
By: Gabby Hassan

Ever wonder why sayings such as “You light up my life”, “You lightup the room”, and “Look for the light at the end of the tunnel” exist?

Why is a great idea represented by an illuminated light bulb on the top of a cartoon’s head?

It is because light is vital to our existence. Without a light source human kind would cease to be. Part of what makes our century or generation more advanced than those before us is the invention of the light bulb; An ingenious little device that allows us to produce light long after the natural source, the sun, has set.

Light enables us to do a variety of activities at night ranging from simply enjoying a book to saving a life. It fuels our economy and creates tourist attraction such as the City of Lights. Our generation has taken the simple bulb and tweaked it to expand its uses. Today we have energy efficient bulbs, colorful bulbs, different shaped bulbs, strong bulbs, bright bulbs, and more. This allows us to get a party started, display products we want to sell, set different moods and countless more…I wonder if Thomas Edison knew what would become of his kite and lightning experiment!

The light bulb is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of all time. It gives us the power to see, and sight is one of the most revered senses. The light bulb is a sign of intelligence or the development of a brilliant plan. It is for this reason that when a person is compared to “light” in a saying or expression, it is the highest of all compliments. From now on when someone compares you to light think about its significance and give the person a big thanks, and remember the significance of the little contraption called a light bulb.

We understand the importance and value of light bulbs here at and ensure that we offer an enormous variety to suit any and every specific need you might have.  If it lights…we’ve got it. 

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