BulbAmerica Becomes the Exclusive Retailer of Platinum Light Bulbs in North America

Quote startBulbAmerica has reached a point that allows them to offer Same-Day Free Shipping. With an exhaustive inventory of over 18,750 available items and a customer base of 150,000+, the company has achieved several milestones.Quote end

The leading wholesale retailer of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs, BulbAmericais the exclusive online retailer of the Platinum light bulb line in North America.

America’s leading wholesale retailer of lighting products and fixtures, BulbAmerica, a Google Trusted Store, is now happy to announce becoming the exclusive North American retailer for the high end Platinum Light Bulb line.

Having been a part of the industry for almost a decade, the largest provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs in the United States stocks large quantities of LEDCFLsHalogenincandescent bulbs, projector lamps, and various LED lighting options including LED strips. The user friendly and highly optimized website BulbAmerica.com ensures that visitors enjoy an unparalleled online product browsing experience through quick page loads and a single step checkout that allows visitors to find exactly what they need and have it shipped out in minutes.

A lighting expert at BulbAmerica.com explains, “With an exhaustive inventory of over 18,750 items available for shipment every business day and a customer base of 150,000+, the company has achieved several milestones.” Adding that “As an exclusive provider of the Platinum Light Bulbs product line, BulbAmerica has carved a niche for itself in the industry."

All orders that are in stock are shipped the same day as long as they are received by 5 pm. The entire shopping experience is richer and unique due to the dedication, commitment, and quality of their team. BulbAmerica offers the best turnaround and delivery time in the industry across all categories of lighting products and fixtures.

Renowned for the most competitive pricing in the market, the entire range of Platinum Light Bulbs are available in different shapes, wattages, voltages, bases, and beam spreads, and color temperature that can all easily be sorted using the product sorting feature that is seamlessly integrated into the website. Currently, the company is offering free shipping for over 100 different products from Platinum across the stage lighting, light bulbs, and LED lighting product categories.

Since the companies inception in 2003, BulbAmerica has been offering their customers cost effective and quality controlled products that include fluorescent, halogen light, LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, projector lamps, and various LED lighting options.

For more information about the light bulbs and lighting solutions that they offer at BulbAmerica or to inquire about the Platinum Light Bulbs product line that is available exclusively at their online store, visit http://www.bulbamerica.com or call 1-877-650-0775.

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