New Eco-Friendly Light Bulb Coming Out this Week

Ranges in price from $9 to $60

The days of having to constantly replace a light bulb will soon be a thing of the past. How about more than 20 years between changes?
These heavy duty light bulbs are hitting valley store shelves in the next few days -- but the convenience is not going to come cheap.
We’re talking about a brand new eco-friendly line of light bulbs, and the most expensive one runs $60. Philips, the manufacturer, says it lasts more than 20 years and uses a much lower percentage of energy. But $60? Will people buy it?
“I think it’s worth the investment for 20 years if you own your own home,” says Jessica Aranda.
Shopper Dale Scott says he probably won’t buy it – “because the kids would probably break it.”
They're the most energy-efficient light bulbs in the world, and they're set to be released on earth day.
The Home Depot store at 43rd Avenue and Camelback already has the new EcoSmart line.
So for starters, we had to ask, why is it so expensive?
“Because it’s new, anything new coming out, you have to pay for that technology,” says Jeff Robinson of Home Depot.
Lighting expert Jeff Robinson admits they aren’t exactly flying off the shelves yet, not while CFL bulbs -- which are almost as energy-efficient -- are cheaper, and incandescent bulbs run around a buck
The biggest benefits for these bulbs is they last much longer and are more eco-friendly.
“It’s not going to have the mercury in it that CFL has, which is environmentally safer, which there is a lot of concern about that,” says Robinson.
So what do shoppers think?
“I think after you do the cost benefit analysis maybe it’s worth it,” says Aranda.
“I think it all depends on the person. For me I’d just buy some cheap light bulbs,” says Hector Guzman.
“I wouldn’t. They say its energy efficient and that it lasts much longer, you get more bang for your buck and what if it doesn’t, who do I complain to if it doesn’t last 20 years?” says Melissa Smith.
Now the bulbs in this line range from $9 to $50 or $60, it just depends on the kind of bulb you get and the store you go to. Home Depot's were a little cheaper.

Source: MYFOX
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