Shopping for light bulbs after the incandescent

As stores continue to phase out incandescent light bulbs, you may be confused about what's left on the shelf.
CFL, LED, incandescent- the light bulb aisle can be a confusing place, especially now that the old style of bulbs are being phased out.
"It was a lot easier before," said shopper John Fithian of Berlin Center. "You didn't have all the choices and everything. What's supposed to save energy or use more, I'm not really sure."
Companies are trying to enlighten the consumer with labels touting energy efficiency and cost.
"We are required now to provide this label which is very similar to the nutrition label that the food industry goes through," explained Sylvia Hart of GE Lighting. "We're standardizing across brightness, energy cost, life and color temperature."
As incandescent bulbs disappear, they're being replaced by CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, and LED's or light emitting diodes.
"Right now they are a little bit pricier," explained Electrical Specialist Ellery Dodson of the Boardman Home Depot. "But they're going to last you 20 years. You're not going to have to go out and buy new bulbs every two to three years and they use a lot less energy."
The spiral-style CFLs are cheaper, about $7 a piece, and last for about nine years. The newer LEDs last longer and cost a bit more.
"These come in a daylight and they come in a bright white," said Dodson. "So they are different brightness's."
There's also some extra care involved. CFL bulbs contain mercury. Stores like Home Depot offer recycle bins where you can wrap the bulb in a bag and leave it to be recycled.
Saying goodbye to the classic bulb has been tough for many customers.
"Oh yeah, they've been coming in, buying them by the box load!" laughed Dodson.
Source: WFMJ
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