Philips Introduces New Versions of its LED DayLight Daytime Running Lights

Philips Automotive Lighting North America has just introduced two new versions of its LED Daytime Running Light (DRL): LED DayLight 4 (four LED lamps) and LED DayLight 8 (eight LED lamps). 
In addition to providing a powerful LED light source, the lamps are the slimmest and most compact designs available on the market, according to the company. Philips LED DayLight DRLs feature high-powered Philips LUXEON Rebel LEDs that project a powerful, bright white light, the company says. They have a wider beam than the average LED DRL, which provides drivers immediate safety benefits by substantially increasing the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers and pedestrians.
In addition to increasing safety and visibility, Philips says its LED DayLight DRLs add the stylish look of high-performance seen on today’s high-end vehicles. The LED DayLight DRLs lets drivers switch from using their standard headlights to an LED light source during the daytime, extending the life of the headlights.
The Philips LED DRL kits include two LED modules and come equipped with plug n’ play connectors, snap-in mounts and complete mounting, wiring and hardware. Most automotive enthusiasts can install the lights in about two hours or less on most vehicles, Phillips says. Once installed, the lights operate automatically. Both LED DayLight models automatically turn on at the start of the engine. The LED DayLight 4 DRLs turn off when the parking lights are on and LED DayLight 8 dim by 50 percent.
Philips LED DayLight DRLs are designed to last for the life of the vehicle and require no maintenance. They are DOT compliant, and come with a three-year warranty.

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