iPhone 5 to Feature an Organic LED Display

The next generation iPhone and iPad could end up having Organic LED displays as Apple is reportedly rumored to be changing its technology for its displays in the near future.

The Korea Times recently reported that the company will change its displays to Organic LED from LCD. Samsung has also began to increase its production for Organic LED screens and the Korean electronics giant happens to be one of Apple's biggest suppliers.

"Thanks to the increased volume, chances have been raised to ship Samsung's Organic LEDs for Apple's iPads and even iPhones," said an unnamed Samsung executive to the publication.

Another executive of the company explained how Apple currently has questions for Samsung regarding its output commitment and product volume for its Organic LED business.

Samsung's efficiency is vital for Apple's devices.

"Apple is Samsung's biggest customer, buying $7.8 billion of components such as memory chips and LCDs in 2011," according to the Korea Times. "This year, it will buy around $11 billion of Samsung parts despite the deepening legal battle between the two companies."

Samsung and Apple are engaged in vicious legal battles over patents in various parts of the world, but despite those situations, Samsung produces components for the iPad and iPhone.

Samsung had previously offered Apple the opportunity to use Organic LEDS for their products, but Apple decided to pass due to its belief that the displays has some "technological problems."

Samsung uses Organic LED for most of its top-of-the-line smartphone tablets including the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2.

Apple is expected to release the next-generation iPhone sometime around the summer of this year.
It is rumored to feature a high-definition display, quad-core processor, NFC (near field communications), 4G LTE connectivity and wireless charging.

The next iPad will launch sometime in 2013 unless the company decides to put out a smaller tablet later on this year.

Source: The Christian Post
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