Energy efficient light bulbs save consumers money

Little Rock, Ark. (KTHV) -- Energy efficient light bulbs continue to gain popularity as more people recognize the savings, in energy and money, that come with change.

Many people are switching out the regular incandescent bulbs for a more energy efficient alternative. The most popular energy efficient bulbs are Energy-Star rated compact fluorescent, or CFLs, and LED light bulbs.

These energy efficient light bulbs save consumers money on their utility bills as well as other areas of the home. The Arkansas Energy Office says people can also save money on heating and cooling their home.

In most cases, incandescent bulbs produce additional heat when they're on. This causes rooms to heat up more than normal, thus causing an air conditioning unit to work overtime to cool off a room. The energy efficient bulbs do not project any additional heat.

In addition, you can also save money when it comes to purchasing light bulbs. A lighting expert with the Home Depot says an energy efficient light bulb is much cheaper in the long run than an incandescent bulb.
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