You can start $aving money immediately by simply Switching to Compact Fluorescent bulbs?

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Fact: You can start $aving money immediately by simply Switching to Compact Fluorescent bulbs?

We might not realize it, but we are literally wasting millions of dollars in energy costs daily. Yes, every single day. The main reason isn't inefficient air conditioners or old appliances either. The real problem remains in our everyday light bulbs. For most of us in the US, the bulbs we currently use are simply obsolete.

In fact, studies have shown that a compact fluorescent light bulb can save as much as 75% of the electricity provided by a single incandescent light bulb and last about 10 times as long. Not taking a few minutes to hop online and quickly place an order to upgrade your bulbs is costing you at this very moment (if the room is lit with antique incandescent bulbs).

While some people might argue that the price of the light bulb doesn't warrant the overall switch, take the following into consideration:
A standard 100 watt incandescent light bulb can cost around a $1 to buy. During the lifetime of the 100 watt bulb you will be spending about $8 for only 750 hours of illumination.


A standard 20 watt compact fluorescent light bulb that provides virtually the same illumination will cost about $8 to operate during its lifetime of up to 10,000 hours. This means that compact fluorescent light bulbs will reduce waste (you will not be replacing bulbs as often) and lower the overall cost of ownership when compared to any standard incandescent light bulb.

It is very important to also understand that these compact fluorescent bulbs come in all the standard sizes. This means there will be no need to hunt down a special base for each of these lights as they can be universally swapped with ease. Simply unscrew the old incandescent bulb and replace it with a new compact fluorescent bulb to start saving money in an instant.

Another benefit to keep in mind during your bulb replacement is that there is a great reduction in heat that is given off by compact fluorescent light bulbs. This means that the areas where the old incandescent bulbs were used will not heat up nearly as much. With the new compact fluorescent bulbs in place you can also expect to lower your summer cooling bills down which will save additional money. This is an easy fix for individuals in warm areas that are looking to curb their summer cooling bills.

There is nothing quite as effective as the compact fluorescent light bulb for creating an inexpensive and bright lighting source. Those looking to take advantage of this bulb should be sure to focus on bulbs with a lower wattage, since the amount of light given off will be very comparable to some of the higher watt alternatives.

Thanks to the compact fluorescent bulb everyone can now make this incredibly simple and environmentally conscious decision. Begin to upgrade your old obsolete bulbs in minutes and enjoy having a more efficient, green, and earth friendly alternative for your all of your lighting needs.

Make the Change to Compact Fluorescent Today and Save

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