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cfl light bulbs coupons - visit: Expands their CFL Bulb Offerings to Give Consumers More Lighting Options for the Spring and Summer Months

Consumers today are looking for environmentally friendly lighting solutions that will reduce their lighting costs while helping to save the planet too. CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs are by and large the most widely used environmentally light sources used today. CFL bulbs are available in nearly every shape that halogen and incandescent bulbs are, but use roughly one quarter of the wattage and produce little to no heat. CFL bulbs produce a diffuse light that provides any space with a highly usable and diffuse light that creates a uniform light coverage ideal for general illumination. In order to aid consumers in finding the best CFL bulbs for them, has expanded their catalog of CFL bulbs to include the most technologically advanced CFL bulbs in all shapes, wattages, and color temperatures from the most trusted names in lighting including Osram, Philips, GE, Platinum, Ushio, and more.
Since the beginning of their use, consumers have been concerned that CFL bulbs do not produced adequate color quality. In a recent interview, one of's lighting experts addressed this fear of consumers, "Consumers weary of the light quality of CFL bulbs are often reacting to their experiences with older fluorescent lamps or commercial lighting, in which the light is often too blue and renders color poorly. Today's CFL bulbs are much better. In a recent study in New Zealand called the 'RightLight Challenge', researches set out to test whether people could really see the difference between CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs. The answer was clear. Out of 850 people, nearly 70% reported they could not tell the difference between CFL light and incandescent light when placed inside rooms with identical incandescent and CFL fixtures."
For the approaching spring and summer months, CFL bulbs are a very smart investments for home and business owners. Unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs produce almost zero heat, keeping your space cool. Consumers should remember that incandescent light sources spend more energy produce heat than light are therefore much less efficient than CFL bulbs are. The added efficiency of CFL bulbs means that consumers will save on air conditioning costs and will also save on bulb replacing their bulbs as they will need less replacements bulbs than they would using incandescent bulbs.'s website is designed to provide consumers with the product information consumers need to make an informed decision on which CFL bulb is right for them. has a team of lighting experts to answer lighting questions and address technical concerns.

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