Light is a Highway...: Philips Gives the Green Light to LEDs on the A44 Highway in Amsterdam

Anyone who has driven on a highway at night has likely traveled through the orange light of low pressure sodium bulbs. Though they are long lasting compared to many older HID technologies and incandescent bulbs, low pressure sodium (LPS) bulbs are rather inefficient and the orange light they produce does not afford drivers optimal visibility. In collaboration with the Dutch Highway Authority, Philips has installed their high quality LEDs along the A44, a central highway in the Netherlands that runs in and out of Amsterdam. The installation is projected to save nearly 40% in energy consumption, or 180,000kWh. Furthermore, LEDs present solution to a common problem in highway and infrastructural lighting, namely light pollution. The highly focusable light and compact light sources of LED luminaires means less light spill and darker, more natural night skies. The combination of focused light and color temperatures at cooler temperatures closer to daylight means that drivers will be able to see the road more easily. LEDs last far longer than LPS bulbs, meaning less time and money is spent on changing out burnt out lamps.

LED lighting is surely the future on nearly every front, and Philips’ project in the Netherlands reminds us that they are extremely useful in nearly every application. BulbAmerica may not be able to light your highways but we can light your home, garden, or stage, so check us out today! For more information leave a question on our blog or Facebook, or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any other further inquires.
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