Philips Brings its Powerful LEDs to Time Square

There is likely no more an iconic display of lighting than the glowing crystal ball that drops every New Year’s Eve in New York’s Time Square. Nearly every year the Time Square ball gets bigger, this year achieved an amazing 12 foot diameter and a weight of 11,875lbs. The Times Square ball has traditionally been illuminated using halogen lamps, but beginning in 2007-2008 Philips replaced the ball’s halogen lamps with their powerful and efficient LUXEON LEDs. Since then, and up to this last New Year’s Eve, Philips has added more of its LEDs to the ball making it brighter, more colorful, and more efficient every year. This year the ball was studded with 32,256 LED bulbs grouped in 672 modules. Attached to these modules were Waterford crystal triangles to give the ball its amazing patterns. According to Philips, this year’s ball consumed only 12% of the energy that would have been required if the ball was still illuminated using halogen bulbs. This year’s ball used only 140,000KWh of electricity where as its halogen predecessor would have used 1.1 million.

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