Los Angeles' Oldest Church Gets an LED Makeover

Completed in 1932, the 157,000sqft First Congregational Church in Los Angeles houses the oldest Protestant congregation in the state of California. The church’s magnificent 198ft X 76ft sanctuary, modeled after the sanctuaries of the great cathedrals of France and England, features ornate oak pews, doors, organ cases, and other elements that give it a feeling of beauty and reverence. Recently, the First Congregational Church’s decided to celebrate the sanctuary by replacing its existing lighting with numerous LED bulbs to give churchgoers and visitors a chance to view the full splendor of the sanctuary as well as to cut down on church energy and maintenance costs. According to LEDs Magazine, LED A19, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 retrofit bulbs were used to revitalize the light church’s lighting. Lighting designers sought the LED bulbs they did over CFLs because they are fully dimmable, light instantly, and are environmentally friendlier than CFLs because they do not contain mercury.

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