Two Mississippi Cities Are Reunited with Light Following Hurricaine Katrina

During Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005, portions of the Biloxi Bay Bridge were damaged, leaving the interdependent cities of Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, separated. According to Architectural Lighting Magazine, the firm responsible for the rebuilding of the bridge wanted to design it around the theme of reconnection and unity and decided to achieve this largely using bridge lighting. The most prominent feature of the bridge’s lighting is its necklace of light. Stretching for the bridge’s entire 1.6mi span are 55w electrodeless QL lamps with a 4,000K color temperature, creating a feeling of a never ending string of light. Bridge designers also mounted 100w and 250w metal halide lamps at the base of the bridge’s piers to further heighten the feeling of expansive light. Lastly, 70w metal halide lamps were also installed underneath the bridge so that the park on the shore beneath the bridge that would be built would have adequate illumination.

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