The Spinnaker Tower Shines Brightly with HID and LED Outdoor Lighting

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, England stands tall at nearly 560ft and is the tallest accessible structure in England outside of London. Completed in 2005, the Spinnaker Tower’s radical design is modeled after a ship’s sail in homage to Portsmouth’s maritime legacy. At night, the tower’s exciting design is further accentuated by its dynamic outdoor architectural lighting. The Spinnaker tower is illuminated by 50 metal halide lamp powered color changing fixtures. The 50 fixtures are distributed in clusters on all the different levels of the tower, thoroughly blanketing the tower in rich light. The legs that compromise the base of the tower are also lit using LED bar fixtures, giving the entire lighting installation a seamless feel. Beyond the architectural lighting, the tower also features static red LED aircraft obstruction lights on its upper third and atop its spire to ensure that planes and helicopters steer clear of the tower.

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