CFLs and LEDs Take the A-Shape Bulb By Storm

The A-shape incandescent bulb is undoubtedly the most iconic of any light bulb. One reason for this is that A-shape bulbs are extremely versatile and can fit in most fixtures due its length and moderately slim profile. Manufacturers of CFLs and LEDs light bulbs have realized that in order for these environmentally friendly alternatives to flourish, they must adopt the A-shape so consumers can use their existing fixtures. Even more importantly, people are resistant to light bulbs that do not look how they are accustomed to light bulbs looking, this has been one of the key reasons why individuals have resisted CFL twist, mini-twist, double tube, and triple tube bulbs. Luckily, manufacturers of LEDs and CFLs have answered the call for environmentally friendly A-shape bulbs. For A-shape CFLs, Feit Electric, Osram Platinum, and Sunlite offer bulbs in a wide array of color temperatures to suit the ambiance of the room you are lighting. For A-shape LEDs, Osram leads the way with both color changing and standard white bulbs which are rated to last an amazing 25,000 hours.

Admittedly, A-shape retrofit bulbs, particularly LED retrofits, are still on the expensive side and consumers may be hesitant to pay the steep up-front cost of the bulbs. One slightly longer lasting and more efficient alternative to incandescent A-shape bulbs are halogen A-shapes by GE. These bulbs last roughly 1,000 hours longer than most incandescent and produce the same amount of light, if not more, by using the same amount of wattage as standard incandescent bulbs.

A-shape CFL and LED retrofits are not the only environmentally friendly shapes to be designed by manufacturers. CFL and LED MR16 have become very popular. LED have become extremely popular in the stage lighting arena with the development of LED PAR cans and DJ lighting effects, while CFLs have become popular retrofits for R and BR shapes and small PARs used for flood lighting. Even in automotive lighting LEDs have become a promising technology.

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