The Telekom Bridge Glows for T-Mobile

At Deutsche Telekom’s (known as T-Mobile in the US) headquarters in Bonn, Germany, the company needed a bridge to span the busy road and tram lines that stand between the headquarters’ two office complexes. Deutsche Telekom did not want an ordinary foot bridge, instead they sought out the German architectural firm Shlaich, Bergermann and Partner for an attractive solution that would be both functional and bolster the company’s image and brand. The 240ft long Telekom Bridge is built from glass and steel and glows with LEDs. The lighting designers installed LEDs in the hand rails and underneath the glass panels of the bridge’s floor, elevator housing, and stairs providing brilliant white backlighting and making the bridge's surfaces glow. The lighting designers made the LED lighting in the elevator housing interactive, changing color and pulsing as pedestrians walk past it. On the exterior of the bridge the lighting designers also installed 32 LED video panels that show off the company's trademark magenta color in innumerable dot-based patterns that also interact with pedestrians crossing the bridge. One particularly attractive element of the bridge's design is that because all of the lighting is integrated into the bridge itself, the bridge seems glow without any external washes or projectors to break its seamless design.

This is definitely not the first LED lit I've bridge written about on this blog. What is different about it is that its lighting is somewhat static and hidden away directly within the bridge. The Telekom bridge provides an additional example of the creative potential of LED lighting. As usual, leave us a comment or question on our blog or our Facebook. Also don’t forget to give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries you have.
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