LEDs Bring the Light to the Borsuan Music House

The Borusan Music House in Istanbul’s historic Beyoglu district is a beautiful six story building used as a hub for Turkey’s art and culture. The building was originally constructed in 1875 and was renovated in 2008 and given a radical and eye catching lattice of v-shaped LED tube columns. The renovation was carried about by the European firm, GAD Architecture. The firm installed a ‘box’ inside the building that houses the new performance spaces and galleries and will be lined by the v-shaped LED color changing tube columns. In other words, the GAD architects essentially built a new building inside the old, and accentuated the new by using the radical LED columns, designed by the American light artist and designer, Leo Villareal.

This is not the first of Villareal’s projects covered on my blog, his art signals not only the boundless creativity possible with light, but also the amazing range of applications possible with LED technology. This time, Villareal used LED tube lights, a technology popular in clubs, restaurants, retail environments, and other architectural applications. Though we cannot supply you with the artistic vision, we can certainly supply you with the LED tubes! Check out our selection of LED tube lights and our other LED products. Don’t forget to leave us a comment or question or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further questions you have.
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