LEDs Hit the Bullseye at Target's Kaleidoscope Fashion Show

Architectural LED applications are truly getting better all the time. One of my favorite LED lighting events from this past year was undoubtedly Target’s “Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular” at the fashionable Standard Hotel in Manhattan. The fashion show was definitely the first of its kind. Lighting designers decided to use the hotel itself as an enormous LED display. The hotel was transformed into a gigantic LED display by placing powerful LED units inside 170 of the hotel rooms and connecting them to a central computer. This system allowed for some amazing and energetic patterns. To heighten the excitement of the fashion show, dancers were placed inside the illuminated rooms and moved rhythmically to the music. Designers also used gobo projectors and projected designs directly onto the Standard Hotel’s façade to provide an additional lighting texture. The hotel was the background of the fashion show itself. In a scaled down, tic-tac-toe board like set up, the models stood in their individual compartments and displayed Target’s new line before brilliant LED color changing.

The Target Kaleidoscope Fashion show is but another example of how LED technology continues to push the envelope of how lighting can be used. BulbAmerica has a wide array for LED products so you can push your lighting envelope too! Feel free to leave a question or comment on this article, our Facebook, or call us at 1-877-620-1762 for any remaining questions you may have.
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