The Nocturnal Festival Goes All Night With Elation's Moving Heads

The 25th annual Nocturnal Electronic Music Festival took place this past September in San Bernadino, CA and featured some of the biggest names in electronic music in the world. The festival began at midnight of September 25th and featured non-stop music and dancing until the 3pm that day. The turntables and the 50,000 person audience were not the only things moving all day, the formidable lighting system was continually bathing the audience and the DJs in light, testing the endurance and performance of the moving heads in the trusses overhead. The need for non-stop lighting made it clear to festival lighting designers that they would need lighting they could trust, so they turned to Elation’s moving heads to provide the washes and beam projectors. The lighting challenge was made more difficult by the festival’s huge space, designers had to fill the 56ft high ceiling and 78,000sqft hall with light that would be visible and captivate every member of the audience regardless of where they were standing. Nocturnal’s stage was outfitted with 24 LED wash moving heads to provide bright and flat colors and 24 moving head spots to provide the party with power and dynamic beams that swing to the music and whip up the crowd. Supplementing the LED wash moving heads were 100 LED wash units to provide even more general lighting to blanket the stage and crowd with rich color. The Nocturnal Festival’s lighting designers relied primarily on LED fixtures because they could rely on their long lasting, excellent performance. They chose Elation because their stage lighting products are second to none in the business.

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