GE's CMH Bulbs: Bright Light Done Right

The search for environmentally friendly lighting for retail, office, architectural floodlighting, and hotel applications has often proved frustrating for individuals seeking low wattage, high output, and high CRI light sources. Striking this combination of light characteristics has been seldom, that is until now. GE’s CMH PAR20 metal halide HID lamps are truly exciting and wonderful quality efficient light sources. The PAR20 CMH bulbs have 20w energy draws and are rated to last an amazing 12,000hrs. The PAR20 CMH bulbs produce a powerful 1,000lm and feature a 80+ CRI rating to make sure that whatever is being illuminated has its colors faithfully rendered.

BulbAmerica has GE’s CMH PARs in stock as well as their other CMH light sources. Remember that LEDs and CFLs are not the only environmentally friendly option available. Particularly for larger spaces, metal halide lamps are an excellent choice and produce a high quality bright light. As usual leave a comment or question our blog or Facebook. Or, give us a call with your further inquires or place your order today at 1-877-622-0897. Don’t waste any time, starting saving energy and money today.
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