Washington Art Museum Goes Green with GE's Ceramic Metal Halide Bulbs

For public institutions like art museums, every penny counts. It is for this reason that the management at the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington sought to install a new green lighting system money to reduce the museum’s energy expenditures. The museum’s five exhibition spaces, totaling roughly 50,000sqft, was comprised of more than 600 150w PAR 38 incandescent lamps and PAR cans. This system amounted to an annual energy draw of 373,000 KWh. The museum replaced all of the incandescent PARs with GE’s ceramic metal halide lamps, reducing the prior energy draw to a projected 56,000KWh. This replacement will save the museum and estimated $10,000 per year.

On top of consuming less energy, GE’s metal halide lamps have a higher light output, allowing the museum to reduce the number of lamps it needed from 621 to 505. GE’s high quality metal halides are also rated to last nearly six times as long as incandescent PARs, allowing the museum to save on its maintenance costs and the number of replacement bulbs it needs to buy.

BulbAmerica has GE’s full line of ceramic metal halide bulbs and a huge selection of incandescent bulbs if you are looking for those too. From the Tacoma Art Museum we’ve learned that CFLs and LEDs are not the only ways to go green, metal halide and other HID bulbs are great for larger spaces like museums or warehouses that are looking to save energy and money. Post a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a ring at 1-877-622-0897 with any further questions you have. Go green today!
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