Elation's Opti30 UV: Turning Out the Lights on the Black Light Competition

If you’ve been to a club or bar where peoples’ shirts and teeth have been glowing, either black light effects were at work or something was very wrong. Likely it was either incandescent or fluorescent black lights creating the effect. Although black light bulbs are often relatively inexpensive, they are rather impractical for the DJ on the go or a mobile entertainer because they are fragile and can take a long time to set up. Furthermore, fluorescent black lights and especially incandescent black lights have short life spans, making them a hassle to use. Elation has recently come up with a clever solution to these problems with their Opti30 UV LED can PAR64 shape can.

The Opti30 UV features 12 one-watt UV LEDs housed in a tough aluminum can so you can be sure this fixture will be durable. Each of the 12 LEDs is rated at 30,000hrs and has close to zero heat output, making these bulbs extremely efficient and long lasting. The Opti30 UV is extremely versatile, you can either hang it from a truss or use its double yoke as a stand and use it from the floor. Furthermore, the Opti30 UV can operate in either a stand alone mode via an LED built in display or can be controlled by a DMX controller. To add to this unit’s versatility, it can run on a range of voltages making it useful in nearly all venues regardless of the venue's electrical configuration. Once your Opti30 UV is set up and situated, fire up its fully adjustable dimming, strobing, and intensity and you’ll have some of the most creative and customized black lighting around.

BulbAmerica has the Opti30 UV and many other of Elation's lighting products in stock today, so check it out. As usual, leave us a comment or question on our blog or our Facebook. Also don’t forget to give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries you have.
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