Light for Fright on Halloween Night!

“Boo” can be something shouted when someone is trying to scare you, or it can be hissed at you by a mob of angry trick-or-treaters due to your lackluster Halloween lighting. Hopefully, with this guide to Halloween lighting you will be hearing the former “boo” rather than the latter.
Homeowners generally do two things with their Halloween lighting, set it up outdoors for a spooky graveyard yard display or go for something closer to a haunted house indoors or in the garage. Regardless of where you plan to stage your Halloween display, you will most likely want to invest in a fog machine, is one of the staple lighting effects to create a scary ambiance. There are many fog machines to choose from and you’ll want to see which most closely suits your needs. One thing you’ll want to be sure is to not confuse a fog machine and a haze machine. A haze machine produces a lighter, less dense fog and will not likely be suitable for Halloween frights. For Halloween fog machines I like Chauvet’s H900 fog machine, Elation’s 700w Fog/Hazer combo, and if you are only are using a small space, Eliminator’s Mini-Fogger. I believe these fog machines have the necessary features and the right prices for Halloween fun and your Halloween budget.

Screw in black lights create a creepy lighting effect that are simple to install. Hang up some skeletons and you will find that their bones glow in the darkness, creating quite a scare for kids and adults alike. Strobe lights are another good choice, but of course you’ll want to turn the flicker per second (FPS) down because you don’t want the effect to be too disorienting for your Hallows Eve visitors. I would recommend American DJ’s 1fps Flash Rope because it is inexpensive, simple to use, and weatherproof. If you wanted something with more features I would go with ADJ’s Flash Shot DMX. Lastly, you will want some more general color light sources to give you more Halloween lighting and provide more light to ensure a safe environment. For this I would go with a smaller weatherproof LED unit to give you color and functional versatility. For this I would go with Optima’s ILED 30 washes. Set these color changing washes to sound activation mode and they will follow whatever spooky music or sounds you have playing. Or, set them up using their on board LED display—either way they are easy to use and durable.

Lastly, something that I’ve learned from my own experience: jack-o-lanterns are fun but keeping the candle lit inside of them can be a chore. Consider putting one of Osram’s LED tap lights inside of it and you’ll be surprised how spooky the tap light’s fairly cool light makes these jack-o-lanters look. These are just a few possibilities open to you for Halloween. Look though our catalog and you will likely stumble upon numerous products that you can use for your own Halloween decorations. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897. I will post more Halloween ideas in my tip of the day as we approach the holiday so keep your eyes, and your grapes, peeled!
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