White Light, No Heat: Elation's Design 36 WA

If you are familiar with stage and architectural lighting, you are probably well versed in how good and how common LED color changing PARs are and have become. Less numerous, yet no less useful, are LED PAR white/amber (WA) fixtures that rather than being change color, move across the white color spectrum. Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is one of the best white light changers around, and will be in the spot light in this article. Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is a white wash unit geared to provide you with an entire spectrum of white light, from extremely warm to extremely cool, for stage and architectural applications. The Design LED 36 WA features 36 one watt LumiLEDs, each rated for 100,000hrs, to ensure long lasting and bright light.

The Design LED 36 WA offers you the ability to dial in and finesse the hue of white you want by using the DIP switches on the back of the can or by using a DMX controller. The Design LED 36WA also features a 30˚ medium diffuser to further soften the light. The 100w Design LED 36WA features all of the operation modes common to high quality LED PARs, namely stand alone, master/slave, sound controlled (via built in microphone) and DMX controlled (single channel or 3 channel operation modes), making it extremely versatile. Adding to the unit’s versatility is its flicker free operation, allowing it to be used in film and live broadcasting.

Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is a great addition to Elation Design series. Check out all of our Design line products as well as Elation’s other products. If it is an LED PAR you are after, be sure to explore what we have to offer. Don’t forget to leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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