Elation's Design Brick 70: Paint the Night with Light

Elation always manages to bring new and interesting products to the table and this time is no different. Elation’s Design Brick 70 is an exciting LED wash unit with incredible RGBWA (red, blue, green, amber, white) color changing to give you an endless palette of color at your fingertips. The 210w Design Brick 70 features 70 three watt SSC LED bulbs to give the Design Brick its powerful light producing engine. The Design Brick 70 is balanced with an array of options that make it great for both theatrical and architectural applications. With its specially designed yoke/floor stand, you can use the Design Brick either mounted on a truss or on the floor in order to uplight a wall. The Design Brick is not restricted to static washes, the unit’s 7 cell pixel control can be initiated, thus giving producing a scrolling color effect. With a standard beam angle of 16˚ and optional angles of 10˚ and 20˚, you have the option of determining how broad your wash will be.

Controlling the Design Brick 70 couldn’t be easier. Either connect it to a DMX controller using its 3 or 5 pin input or connect it to other Brick 70 units via the 3 or 5 pin output. Elation also offers a remote control and RF receiver option if you want to control your unit from a distance, but do not want the complexities that a full lighting system can bring. This feature is especially handy and geared for architectural lighting applications. The 17lb Design Brick is also flicker free so you can use it in lighting for film and TV, in addition to architectural and theatrical applications.

Elation’s Design Brick 70 is probably one of the best LED washes around. If you want infinite color mixing and a powerful wash that will blanket a wall with deep colors then this is the one for you. BulbAmerica has an extensive catalog of Elation’s other quality products so be sure to check them out. Don’t forget to write us on our blog or Facebook or call at 1-877-622-0897.
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