LEDs Bridge Radical Architecture with Brilliant Light in the Republic of Georgia

The Bridge of Peace spans the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi, the capital city of the Republic of Georgia, which shares borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. The bridge, which was completed in early 2010, is known for its magnificent and radical architecture. The Bridge of Peace is also known for its striking LED illumination which casts a white glow against the darkened city and the water below. According to LED Magazine and World Architecture News.com, the bridge is lit by an amazing 30,000 LED bulbs with 4,100 of them comprising the unique interactive lighting system contained throughout the bridge’s glass and steel canopy.

What is particularly unique about the Bridge of Peace’s LED lighting system is that is fully interactive. As pedestrians cross the bridge, they activate light sensors triggering the LEDs and making the light appear to follow the pedestrians across the bridge. The bridge’s canopy also blinks once an hour, sending a Morse code message that corresponds to the elements on the Periodic Table to symbolize the organic quality of humanity and nature.

LEDs were an obvious choice for this project, and other projects like it, due to their durability, long life, and nearly boundless applications. Let BulbAmerica be your bridge to LED products, you’ll save energy, money, and your light will look great too! As always, leave a question or comment on our blog or our Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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