LEDs on the Seas: LEDs Become a Staple Light Source for Cruise Ships

In back to back issues of Lighting and Sound America there were articles on innovative lighting solutions found illuminating the decks, theaters, and clubs, on the largest and most technologically advanced cruise ships in the world. Behind the lighting successes of Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Dream” boat (July 2010 issue) and Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” boat (August 2010 issue) were many LEDs and moving heads lights, whose durability and versatility guaranteed great lighting and durability in the limited spaces and harsh conditions of the high seas. On both ships, LEDs were used both in modular capacities and fixture capacities within the ships’ theaters and on their dance floors. The Oasis of the Seas featured an array of LEDs on the ceiling of its promenade that had nearly 3,000 LED RGB color changing modules. This design itself was highly versatile, when they were controlled in tandem they served as a low resolution video panel that could create unique ambiance on a large scale during the evening or a special event. On Carnival’s Dream, the dance club was illuminated by different LED fixtures as well as a low resolution LED panel on the ceiling that displayed video. Even the floor in this club was packed with LEDs, beneath the medium resolution floor tiles were color changing LEDs to give the entire space, from floor to ceiling, literally, an exciting feel.

Both Carnival’s Dream and Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas represent the height of entertainment cruise liners. Both ships feature full indoor and outdoor theaters that are home to the many shows and programs put on during the cruise. The Dream’s outdoor theatre routinely put on eight to twenty minute laser shows that complemented the video being shown on the massive 12ft X 20ft LED video wall. The Dream’s indoor theatre featured a more standard setup with PARs, fresnels, ellipsoidals. One unique problem when it came to operating the lighting system aboard the Dream was that there was a very limited number of lighting technicians available on board, so the lighting systems needed to be simple enough for regular ship staff and performers to operate. The theatrical lighting systems of the Oasis of the Seas were similar to that of the Dream with its mix of standard theatrical fixtures and scattered LED technology.

The versatility of LEDs is certainly one of the main reasons why they are growing increasingly common on cruise ships. Another is there durability, long life spans, and low maintenance costs. BulbAmerica has many LED products to turn any space of yours into a sea of light and color. From LED effects to bulbs, we have what you need, so hope on the LED boat today!
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