Osram's Dot-It LED Light Series: A Solution that Sticks

No matter what season it is, power outages are always possibility. In the summer a lightning bolt can strike a power line and winter ice can wreak havoc on any power system. Though you can’t predict when the power will go out, you don’t have to be left in the dark when it does. Battery operated flashlights and touch lights are useful, however consistently changing batteries is not only a hassle but a serious problem if the power goes out and your batteries are dead. Osram has resolved this problem by applying their LED technology to touch light and light stick technology. Osram’s Dot-it LED Lite Stick provide a powerful blue light and can be easily turned on and off via switch. The Dot-it LED Lite Stick is also waterproof in case you need go outside with it. The Lite Stick is powered by LR44 button cell batteries which the Lite Stick lighter than conventional flash lights.

In addition to hand-held lighting options, Osram offers a number of battery-powered LED options that stick to walls or other surfaces. Osram’s Dot-it Linear Swivel is a linear touch-light powered by 3AAA batteries. The Linear Swivel can stick of almost any surface and provide any space with powerful blue light out of its three LEDs. The Dot-it linear is an excellent light source in emergency and non-emergency situations because it will last a long time a provide brilliant light without ever being plugged into a wall, meaning that whether the power is on your off, you can light your space the same. Osram offers similar touch-lights in other shapes such as the three LED Dot-it Round.

Osram’s Dot-it series is a great investment for your home, garage, car, office, closets, or anywhere else. They are simple to use, low maintenance, and durable. BulbAmerica has the entire Dot-it series and at unbelievable prices, check it out!
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