The Beam Team: Single Beam and Multi-Beam Searchlights Reviewed

Searchlights are an important tool to draw attention to your business or event. Potential customers can spot your searchlight from miles away and follow it to your showroom, campus, concert, or celebration. Luckily, there are numerous options for searchlights, and we will go through some of them here so you can make an educated decision regarding which searchlight suits your needs. In choosing between searchlights, the first decision you should make should regard what kind of effect you want, namely whether you want a single beam of light or multiple beams. Single beam searchlights, like Griven’s Imperial Xenon 4000w, feature a single narrow beam with a 1° beam angle. Some single beam searchlights, like Griven’s KolorGlobe Xenon 7000 feature an electronically adjustable beam angle that can fix the beam angle between 1.5° and 15°. Griven’s multi-beam Sky Rose MK2 features a wider beam angle, at 28°. Both types of searchlights are suitable for the same purposes, it is really a question of preference. A single search light will shine one beam with some capacity to pan and tilt. The Griven Imperial can pan and tilt 50°. A multi-beam searchlight like the Sky Rose MK2 will project a bouquet of 25 beams. Multi-beam searchlights often have an ability for more movement than single beam search lights. The Sky Rose has a can pan of 180°, a built in 1FPS strobe, and preset rotation capabilities. Generally, single beam searchlights have more luminous beams than multi-beam search lights because the power must be distributed evenly between many beams versus just one.

The central question in choosing between searchlights is how you want to draw attention to your business or event. A multi-beam search light is a bit flashier than a single beam searchlight and would suit events such as concerts better than an automobile showroom. Multi-beam projectors often cannot be linked through master/slave, so this should be another consideration in choosing between single or multi-beam searchlights.

No matter what type of searchlight you end up choosing, Griven has the one for you and at a number of various price points. BulbAmerica stocks all of them to give you the most flexibility in your choice. As always, the Lighting Specialistand BulbAmerica, and customer service experts are standing by to help you with any additional questions you may have. The search for great searchlights is over: check out what BulbAmerica has to offer today!
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