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Affordable Security Light


Gabby Hassan

I don’t exactly live in the safest neighborhood. A few weeks ago there was a break in down the street from me and it really had me worried. I don’t have thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars to install a new security system. I couldn’t sleep, and demanded to have someone with me in the house at all times. Even worse, my electrical bill was through the roof because I...

Get Ready to be DazzLED

Get Ready to be DazzLED

By: Gabby Hassan
The décor of your personal space and belongings says a lot about you. When a guest or customer walks into your home, office, restaurant/ bar, or automobile, they immediately take in the surroundings and start to form opinions. Clearly, you want to impress and be the envy of those around you.
This is a hard feat, especially when you are on a budget.