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Unique Building

Unique building by Bjarke Ingels. What do you guys think? #amazing

Shanghai at Night

Amazing view of Shanghai light up at night!


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Cloud House

Amazing architecture - Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan

Quantum Field X3

Quantum Field X3 Installation by Hiro Yamagata -

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Colorful Building

Colorful building in Belgium! how cool is this? -BulbAmerica

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Reunion Tower - Dallas, TX.

Spectacular architecture and lighting design - Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX.
What do you guys think?  BulbAmerica

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Sensational Lighting Design & Architecture.

Inside Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi - 
Sensational lighting design & architecture.


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Marvelous illumination and architecture

Marvelous illumination and architecture. Can you guess where is this cathedral located?

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Marvelous Lighting design and architecture.

Marvelous Lighting design and architecture. 
Nykredit Headquarters Campus. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Eiffel Tower Illumination

Amazing view and Illumination - Eiffel Tower in France

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