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Great Selection of Christmas Trees

Find a Great Selection of Christmas Trees at BulbAmerica

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Marvelous illumination and architecture

Marvelous illumination and architecture. Can you guess where is this cathedral located?

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PHILIPS Decor Duramax Incandescent Light Bulb.

PHILIPS Decor Duramax Incandescent Light Bulb. Ideal for bathroom vanity strips or hanging pendants 

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Design your office meeting room with cool lights!

Design your office meeting room with cool lights!
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Lighting up your driving path

Lighting up your path

Gabby Hassan

Driving is more than a little dangerous. Did you know that car crashes are responsible for over 25,500 annually, in the U.S. alone? That is an alarmingly high number. I, for one, do everything I can to ensure my safety as the driver, as well as that of my passengers. I do this by demanding seat-belts be worn, the phone is not touched, and the music stays at...

Automatic Bulbs


Gabby Hassan

I’m a pretty frugal person. I don’t buy things I don’t need, I try not to eat out too often, and I never unnecessary days off of work. My one vice is my electric bill. At the end of each month, I’d dread seeing the white envelope sitting in my mailbox containing an enormous bill. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t manage to remember to turn off the lights late at night....


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Advertise with lights

Advertising help

Gabby Hassan

Advertising these days is anything but easy. Getting your brand name to stick into people minds can be very challenging. I have a clothing store located in a big mall, and was really having trouble getting my name out there. I am not a chain store and wanted to be recognized and known by customers who frequented the mall. I tried big signs, personalized, tagging,...


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