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    Get Creative

    Who says you have to hide cables? :D Get #creative!

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    Unique Building

    Unique building by Bjarke Ingels. What do you guys think? #amazing

    Need Lights?

    Hi there, Need Lights? visit BulbAmerica - Big Savings!



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    Are you Lit Up for the Big Game?

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    Did You Know? The Time Square Ball...

    Did you know?  
    The "Times Square Ball" is illuminated by more than 30,000 energy-efficient LED bulbs. 
    Find great deals on LED bulbs. visit: BulbAmerica

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    LED Lights for your Holiday Decorations

    Great idea for your Holidays decorations. Cascading LED Tube Lights. 

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    The Truth about CFL

    How Much Mercury Is In One CFL?

    About As Much As A Few Cans Of Tuna

    The amount of mercury in a single compact fluorescent light bulb is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. CFLs these days contain about 2 to 3 mg of mercury, most of which adheres to the inside of the glass coil bulb and cannot be ingested. Think of the old silvery mercury thermometers that used to be in every...
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    Your Ship Just Came in...

    Your Ship Just Came in! Celebrate Columbus Day with a 10% OFF your Total Purchase! Coupon Code: COLUMBUS13 
    Visit: https://www.bulbamerica.com/columbus-day-2013

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Empire State Building in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
    #LED #Lights #BreastCancer


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