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Chauvet's ColoRADO 6 LED Washes Out the Competition

Chauvet has entered the outdoor lighting ring with their IP66 rated ColoRADO 6 wash unit and has served a veritable KO to its opponents. The 149w ColoRADO 6 features 108 one-watt LEDs, each rated at 50,000hrs each, to give the fixture its powerful light. The ColoRADO 6 is perfect for both architectural and entertainment applications. The flicker free functioning of this unit also allows it function perfectly in film and video broadcasting applications. By choosing to control the ColoRAO 6 in a stand alone mode via its on board LED controls you can leave it alone to illuminate the side of a building or a wall. Or, opt to use a controller and control your ColoRADO 6 in 3, 4, 9, or 12 channel modes. By using the dimmer and strobe features, you can introduce dynamic lighting into your wall washing, these features can all be controlled through a password protected LED display on board the ColoRADO 6 itself or via a DMX controller.

Chauvet has outfitted the Colorado 6 with two features to its sturdy construction that make it easy to use. One is that multiple ColoRADO 6 units can be easily interlocked to create a blinder, wall, or strip light effects. Secondly, the intelligently designed ColoRADO 6 can be easily rotated to adjust the angle at which it shines by using two easy to use knobs on either end of the luminaire.

BulbAmerica has ColoRADO 6 units in stock so act now and get yours today! We also stock a wide range of Chauvet’s other products to get your lighting looking great. As usual, leave comments or questions on our blog or Facebook, or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any other further inquires.

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Elation's DLED PRO 36: Light Bright, Light Right

Finding a LED PAR can that is bright, durable, and can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications is no simple task. In this article I will provide an overview of Elation’s DLED 36 PRO, an indestructible LED PAR Can that will last a long time and not break the bank. The DLED 36 PRO has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 and features a die cast aluminum housing. The 108w DLED 36 PRO has 36 three watt LEDs to produce bright and vibrant RGB color changing and has a 15˚ lens kit with a 14˚ beam angle and a 25˚ lens kit. To get the most out of your DLED 36 Pro, you can run the DLED in stand alone, sound activated, master/slave mode, or DMX controllable mode. With a built in strobe (up to 18fps), you can easily use your DLED in DJ lighting or club settings, making this LED luminaire extremely versatile. To further increase the usability of this fixture, Elation outfitted it with a dual yoke for mounting which can also be used as a split bracket if you want to stand the DLED up for uplighting purposes.

Like many high end LED PARs, the DLED is flicker free, making it a useful light source in film production and live video broadcasting. To get the most out of your light and further customize the quality of light coming out of the DLED pro, it comes with a gel/lens frame which allows you to put an additional lens so you can further diffuse the light or change the light in some other way. The DLED weighs only 15lbs and is small enough to be easily transported, making it ideal for the DJ, theatre, or church on the go.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Elation’s DLED 36 Pro. Its durability and performance coupled with Elation’s commitment to excellence make it irresistible. Check it out, and also check out the other fantastic products by Elation that we offer. As always, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897.
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Griven's Gobo Projectors Sends Your Logo on the Go

For outdoor projectors and color changers, there is simply no match for Griven. Griven’s gobo projectors, like their outdoor color changers, search lights, and promotional projectors are unmatched in their quality, power, and durability. The Goboclip, Gobostorm, and Gobostorm Plus gobo projectors will project your logo with unmatched brilliance will give your business the attention it deserves. Griven’s Goboclip MK3, Gobostorm, and Gobostorm Plus represent the cream of the gobo projector crop, in this article I will go through some of the key features that make Griven’s gobo projectors great.

The Goboclip comes ready to brave the elements with an IP rating of 65 and a compact and light weight aluminum with a scratch resistant grey coating that allows the Goboclip to remain inconspicuous. The 200w Goboclip uses either a 150w CDM-SA/T 150 metal halide lamp or a 150w HSD 150 metal halide lamp. There are two main differences between these two lamps, the CDM-SA/T150 has an output of 12,900lm and a color temperature 4,200K while the HSD lamp has a slightly lower light output at 12,000lm but has a cooler color temperature at 7,000K. The Goboclip zoom and focus can be adjusted manually, thus allowing you to change the beam angle from anywhere between 19° and 30°. The Goboclip can be controlled in a stand alone mode by using the electronic display at the back of the projector, or it can be used with a DMX controller. The Goboclip is designed so you can be as flexible as you want not only with regard to adjustable beam angle and method of control, but also regarding changing your glass or metal gobos. With the removal of two screws, the entire front of the projector lifts up, allowing you to easily swap in and out gobos and dichroic filters to get your projection perfect.

The 750w Gobostorm is the bigger sibling of the Goboclip. The Gobostorm uses either an MSD or MSR 575w metal halide lamp to ensure that the image being projected can been clearly and at substantial distances. The MSD 575 features a light output of 42,000lm and a color temperature of 6,000K compared to the MSR 575’s 49,000lm output and 7,200K color temperature. The MSD however, has a signficatnly longer life hour rating at 3,000hrs compared to the MSR’s 1,000 life hour rating. The Gobostorm features even more optical variability than the Goboclip with a manually adjustable beam angle of between 10° and 20° via the zoom and focus adjustment. The Gobostorm features the same IP65 rating and die cast aluminum exterior, but also an advanced convection cool system to keep the projector working its best. The Gobostorm shares with the Goboclip its control options as well as convenient and easy access for changing its dichroic filters and gobos. In addition to all of the features of the Gobostorm, the Gobostorm plus has a series on board effects including a mechanical dimmer, a strobe, and special effects (three prisms, five prisms, distortion and frost filters).

The Goboclip and Gobostorm series are among the best outdoor gobo projectors available. Their versatility and durability make them an unbeatable tool for outdoor promotions. BulbAmerica has all of Griven gobo projectors plus more! Check it out.
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Outdoor LED PAR Cans: Bright Light in Any Weather

Finding durable outdoor lighting with fantastic performance has always been a problem. Luckily, as LEDs are further integrated into PAR cans it seems that there has been a steady flow of weather-resistant LED PAR cans with impressive brightness and RGB color changing abilities. In this article I will review three outdoor LED PARs that I think deserve special attention for their outstanding durability and exceptional performance and features. 

Acclaim’s Rebel PRO PAR 36 is built for outdoor abuse. The fixture IP44 rated fixture is encased in a durable IP65 rated case that guarantees the long life of the fixture. Despite its sturdy aluminum casing, the PRO PAR weighs only 11lbs and is ideal for the DJ, church, or venue on the go. Acclaim’s Pro PAR is particularly well suited for outdoor television and video production because it is engineered to be flicker free and mitigate the cycling of LEDs bulbs that occurs naturally from the use of AC current. The Pro PAR also features a dual yoke and integrated floor stand for either mounting on a truss or standing on the ground. The Rebel Pro PAR features full DMX controllability in addition to an auto and manual mode that can be initiated via the Pro PAR’s LED display.

Chauvet offers the Colorado 2 PAR64 LED, a powerful and durable LED PAR64 can. The COLORAdo 2 has an IP66 rating and weighs only 20lbs, making it ideal for a mobile theatre company or church that demands a bright wash. The ColoRADO has 48 bright 2w-3w LEDs that can mix brilliant colors with or without the use of a DMX controller. One feature that I particularly like on the COLORado 2 is its variable color temperature presets (3,200K – 10,000K), this feature gives you an additional degree of control over your quality of light and therefore an additional degree control over the ambiance you are trying to create. The 11˚ beam angle coupled with the COLORado’s light intensity of 15,061lux (@ 2m) makes the COLOado a formidable PAR with an excellent and consistent wash effect.

Last, but certainly not least, is Elation’s Design LED 108IP. This color changing LED PAR can is IP65 rated and features a weatherproofed LED display and button panel at the back of the can for control in any situation. The Design LED features 36 powerful 3w LEDs, each rated at 100,000hrs of continuous bright light. The Design LED comes with a 15˚ standard beam angle in addition to optional 25˚ and 45˚beam angles kits. One interesting feature of the design LED is that it offers three distinct levels of control with 3 channel, 4 channel, and 6 channel DMX modes. This feature allows you versatility in using your Design LED while conserving channels on your controller that you may want to assign to other fixtures depending on your outdoor show’s needs.

These three outdoor LED PARs are all excellent and exemplify the latest in LED PAR can technology. For the sake of brevity I did not go into all of the features of all of these cans, but I assure you there are many more than the ones I discussed. Be sure to check out all of these LED PARs and our other outdoor LED options, you won’t be disappointed!

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Outdoor Color Changers: Lighting Up Where You Need Them

Color changers today are capable of illuminating some of the world’s largest structures in vibrant light. In recent years the pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower have been bathed in rich light and saturated colors. Even more amazing, is that Griven, one of the world’s chief suppliers of outdoor color changers has been behind most of these vast lighting projects. The Griven MK3 Kolorado and MK4 Kolorado color changer series are some of the most popular lines of outdoor color changers. Eighty MK3 Kolorado 2500s were used to illuminate the pyramids of Giza in aspectacular display of pink, green, magenta, and blue.

he 2,500w MK3 2500 produces an awesome 240,000 to 260,000 lumens with a beam angle of 62°. You have the option of a narrow lens and wide B-hive lens to give you more beam angle flexibility. The narrow lens has a 34° beam angle and the B-hive a 93° beam angle. The color changer’s luminosity and spread allow its light to cover large structures with flat, even, and rich color. The MK3 2500 uses a 2,500w hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lamp, and is more powerful than its 1,800w predecessor, the MK3 1800. The MK3 2500’s power is matched by its versatility. The color changer features a powerful mechanical strobe as well as separable ballast that can function up to 25m from the lamp. This means that the color changer can be hung, or placed in a space where weight and fixture size are a concern.

All of Griven’s Kolorado series color changers have an IP rating of 44, making them suitable for almost every outdoor environment. The Kolorado color changers all feature an aluminum and galvanized steel body, coated with black epoxy powder to ensure that their housing protects the powerful lighting and electronics inside. The power and durability of the MK3 2500, and the Kolorado color changers in general, make them one of the most popular choices in outdoor color changers. It is for these reasons that when one of the world’s largest structures needs to be illuminated, lighting designers turn to Griven.

We stock all of the Kolorado color changers, check them out now!
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Ushio's Synergie LED MR16s: Sometimes It's Easy Being Green

When it comes to quality LED light bulbs, few manufacturers can beat Ushio. Ushio’s Synergie LED MR16 series represents the culmination technological innovation and a commitment to environmentally friendly retrofits for incandescent and halogen bulbs. The 4w Synergie series LED MR16s are a low wattage replacement for 20w-25w halogen MR16s. The Synergie MR16s feature three powerful LEDs, each of which is rated at 50,000hrs for long lasting lighting. Unlike some LED MR16s, the Synergie bulbs are available in a wide range of color temperatures from warm (3,100K) to cool (6,500K), giving you a degree of flexibility that is not often found among LED retrofits. The Synergie series LED MR16s also feature good CRI, ranging from 70 CRI to 80 CRI, making them a viable choice for display lighting applications. In order to give you as much versatility as possible, Ushio’s Synergie MR16s are available in every beam type from spot to wide flood, making these bulbs that much more useful.

Of course, the Synergie bulbs have a hefty price tag at nearly $62.00. Though this price seems steep, don’t forget that the amount you save on energy costs and replacement bulbs will repay the upfront cost of the bulb itself. Also, remember, that with a new technology, often purchasing the product of the high end and high cost brand is the only way to assure a quality product. Ushio's Synergie products confirm this argument. Their excellent construction and satisfaction of rigorous industry standards like California’s Title 24 regulations means that these products carry with them all of the advantages that come with LEDs, rather than cheap technology and construction that compromises LEDs’ benefits.

BulbAmerica carries the entire Synergie line as well as many of Ushio’s other products. In addition to Ushio’s products, we stock only the highest quality LED products. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a ring with any further questions at 1-877-622-0897.
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LED MR16s: A Green Light for Display Lighting

MR16s are among the most popular bulbs for medium to low intensity directional lighting. From retail lighting applications, to art galleries, and to your very own kitchen, MR16s are a popular choice for giving whatever you are displaying the attention it deserves. Like nearly every other type of light bulb, LEDs are being integrated into traditional incandescent bulbs, in this case MR16s, in order to give you a more environmentally friendly lighting option. Today, LED MR16s are available in every color temperature from extremely warm to extremely cool to give you the flexibility that comes with traditional halogen MR16s. There is no doubt that by using LED MR16s you are saving considerably with regard to energy draw. Halogen MR16s draw anywhere from under 10w to more than 300w, compared to the 1.7w to 6w range of LED MR16s. But one seriously considering LED MR16s should understand that though LEDs are powerful, they do not typically match the output of halogen MR16s. This is not to say that you should not use LED MR16s, but rather you should be strategic in your use of them. This is also not to say that all LED MR16s are incapable of matching halogen MR16 output, rather one should be mindful that sometimes light output is not equivalent across bulb types. LED MR16s offered in the bases typical of incandescent MR16s including G9.5, GU10, GU5.3 2-pin, GX5.3 2-pin, and screw in bases for LED JDR MR16s. LED MR16s therefore offer the same fixture flexibility that you currently have with halogen MR16s.

There are two unique advantages of LED MR16s over traditional halogens. Some LED MR16s come in colored versions, allowing you add a colorful dimension to your displaying. Colored MR16s, such as Platinum's RGB color changing MR16s, are ideal in retail applications where you want to draw special attention to certain products. Furthermore, LED MR16s produce close to no heat unlike halogen MRs which get extremely hot. This means that your LED MR16s can be placed closer to whatever it is you are illuminating in order to get the most out of your light source and a more concentrated, focused beam.

Make BulbAmerica your one stop shop for MR16s. Not only do we have LED MR16s and halogen MR16s, but we also have MR11s, MR13s, MR14s, JDR MR16s, and more. As usual, write us on our blog or our Facebook page, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any questions or comments you have.
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JDR MR16s: A Great Bulb for Display

The JDR MR16 is a popular type of MR16 that generally features an E17, E26, or E27 screw base and a reflector bulb 2in in diameter. An E17 base is a screw base with a slighter profile than the E26 and E27 bases, the bases which are most commonly found in light fixtures. Like most MR16s, the JDR MR16 is ideal for retail applications where directional and intense light is needed to highlight the features of an object. JDR MR16s come in a wide range of wattages from 1.7w to 100w and are available in LED and halogen versions. Platinum and Sunlite offer extremely lower wattage colored LED JDR MR16s that are ideal for accent lighting in a restaurant, retail setting, night club, display case, or even your home. These LED JDR MR16s are powered by anywhere between one and 20 LEDs, thus giving you a wide variety of JDRs with different light characteristics to choose from.

Still, the most popular and widely used JDR MR16s still remains the halogen based bulb. It’s powerful white light and tremendous light quality make it unmatched for display purposes. The JDR MR16, and MR16s in general, come in a wide variety of beam types thus making it a truly effective lighting tool. LEDs are quickly claiming the territory of halogen bulbs because they are substantially more efficient. Ushio, however, has lengthened the life of its JDR MR16s and other MR16s by adding krypton into the gas mixture within the bulb’s glass envelope, thus allowing it to burn for 2,000hrs, which is typically longer than most halogen bulbs.

Whether you choose a halogen or LED JDR MR16 you will find the JDR MR16 to be a fantastic display and accent lamp.BulbAmerica has a comprehensive selection of JDR MR16 and other MR16s so be sure to check them all out.
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The MR16 BAB: A Lighting Industry Favorite

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) codes stipulate and coordinate standards for products across manufacturers in both the United States and abroad. ANSI codes are particularly prevalent in the lighting industry. Lamps that have a certain ANSI code will usually have identical specifications and construction. Some of the most popular types of bulbs are ANSI coded bulbs. The MR16 light bulb family has numerous ANSI coded bulbs including the ESX, BAB, EXT , and many others. These ANSI coded MR16s will have a specified wattage and beam angle depending on the ANSI code. The MR16 BAB is a particularly popular MR16. It has a 20w energy and a 36˚ beam angle. MR16s light beam is distinguished by a highly directional, sharp beamed spot, making it ideal for display. MR16 BABs come with different bases, including GU5.3 bi-pin, GU10, and GY8.

The MR16 BAB is produced by many light bulb manufacturers including Osram, GE, Philips, Platinum, Silver, Sunlite, and Ushio. The MR16 BAB is typically glass covered to help keep the light beam cool in addition to protecting people from burning themselves on the bulb which can get extremely hot due to the single-ended halogen filament capsule providing the light to the reflector. Though the MR16 BAB is standardized the type of reflector, meaning how many facets and what shape they are, varies. Ushio’s ‘Reflekto’ reflector, for example, features a number of hexagonal facets while other bulbs use rectangular facets.

The ANSI codes are an assurance for the lighting industry and its customers that products are constant. The MR16 BAB is an example of this system at work. Still interested in the MR16 BAB and other MR16 products? Check us out!
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The MR16: An Unbeatable Bulb

Look up in any kitchen, hallway, or above any museum display case and the track lighting or recessed lighting above you will likely house multifaceted reflector (MR) 16 bulbs. MR16 bulbs have been around for a long time, originally intended for use in slide projectors. Though MR16s do not have the best luminous efficacy, the largest proportion of lumens over wattage, their infrared coated faceted-reflector sustains light without it being absorbed and directs it in a concentrated beam. This makes the MR16 ideal for illuminating a painting or lighting a specific work space.

Like most other types of lighting, green bulb technologies have been adapted to the MR16. CFL and LED technologies have been developed for the MR16, making the MR16 more environmentally friendly. Feit Electric’s CFL MR 16 uses only 5 watts and has a lifespan of 10,000 hours. A standard incandescent MR16 uses about 20 watts and has a lifespan between 2,000 and 10,000 hours. The MR16 LED, however, is the most environmentally friendly and efficient MR16.Platinum’s LED MR16 uses 5 watts of electricity and has a lifespan of 35,000 hours, that’s 1,458 days! The MR16 LED bulb is a particularly good choice for an MR16 because it does not generate the significant amounts of heat that traditional MR16 bulbs do. Incandescent MR16s can reach temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C), and could easily burn someone if handled while hot. In addition to the bulbs being hot, the light created by MR16 incandescent bulbs with aluminum reflector is often warm and can potentially damage a piece of art or something else delicate that the light may be illuminating. Dichroic, “cool beam” bulbs, however, have been created produce a heatless light.

Though MR16s are used often because of their ability to produce concentrated light, MR16 bulbs come in all standard beam types. MR16s are also available in numerous lamp base types including bi-pin, medium screwbase, intermediate screwbase, turn-and-lock, and bayonet. Though the MR16 does have certain limitation, CFL and LED versions of the MR16 bulb are compensating for these. Furthermore, for accent/display lighting, art galleries, retail lighting, and other applications, the MR16 cannot be beat. The MR16’s ability to be dimmed and its concentrated beam will make everything you put on display appear in a brand new light.

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