An ideal choice for bathroom vanity bars, ceiling pendants or any other application where the bulb will be exposed, CFL globe lights bring style and energy efficiency. These decorative CFL bulbs feature a sleek globe shape with the spiral housing concealed within, so they're perfect for those looking for a decorative upgrade to energy-sucking incandescent bulbs. BulbAmerica stocks a variety of globe-shaped CFLs, including G19, G21, G25, G30 and G40 globe bulbs. The number following the G indicates the diameter of the bulb in .125-inch increments. For example, a G19 bulb has a 2.38-inch diameter, while a G40 bulb has a 5-inch diameter.

BulbAmerica has CFL globes in a broad range of lumens and color temperatures to meet your individual needs. Shop CFL globes in warm white and daylight for a natural output or choose one of our colored CFL globe lights for a fun, exciting addition to any fixture where your bulb will be exposed or semi-exposed. We have pink, blue, green, yellow and red globe lights in our selection. All of these styles feature a screw-in base for easy installation and can be ordered in large quantities from BulbAmerica. Make sure to shop our complete collection of CFL light bulbs for more popular shapes.

The stylish round shape of a globe bulb is an excellent addition to traditional and modern properties alike. The energy and money-saving benefits of CFL bulbs are attractive to homeowners and business owners alike. With globe CFL bulbs, you get both: the aesthetic appeal of a globe with the energy efficiency and longevity of a standard CFL. Here at BulbAmerica, we carry an extensive selection of high-performing CFL bulbs housed discretely within a tasteful bulb exterior, perfect for lighting décor in any home or business.

Our globe CFL bulbs are available in G19, G21, G25, G30 and G40 sizes, with the number following the "G" indicating the diameter of the globe bulb in 0.125 inch increments. A G40 bulb, therefore, would have a diameter of 5 inches. We currently carry a wide selection of globe CFL bulbs from industry-leading manufacturers including Sunlite, Satco, Sylvania, GE, and Philips, with the bulbs themselves ranging in color choices including yellow, blue, green, and red. Achieve cost-effective energy efficiency without sacrificing aesthetic appeal - order your globe CFL bulb from BulbAmerica with fast same-day shipping!