Simply screw in these germicidal light bulbs to begin cleansing the air and removing unhealthy microorganisms. Screw-in bulbs are convenient to use and can be utilized anywhere. This collection has the top bulbs for easy germ-removing action.

Sanitizing items or an indoor environment often requires an arduous process of working with harmful chemicals - instead, give germicidal light bulbs a try for a much easier solution. They require minimal effort - simply install and let them do the work. Inside the bulb, phosphors and a quartz glass envelope give off emissions that destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast - cleansing the surrounding area.

Uses for these screw-in germicidal bulbs include medical sanitization, air and water purification, hospitality cleaning, electronics and cosmetics production and general air cleansing in homes or offices. They are especially practical in industrial and commercial environments. All bulbs are made of the best quality materials and come with satisfaction guaranteed.