LED Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs
The most effortless and effective way for consumers to go green with their home and business lighting is with LED light bulbs. The versatility of technology of LED bulbs means that it can be used as a light source for any shaped light bulb. LED bulbs are available in every shape from MR16 LED lamps, to flame twist (like the flame shape incandescent bulbs), to PAR 56, and more. The LED bulbs are widely known to consume very little energy, while producing very little heat or UV light and still emitting the appropriate amount and color of light. LED bulbs are offered in many bases including E26 and E27, GU10, GU5.3, candelabra screw bases, and more making them great replacement bulbs for incandescent bulbs, halogen light bulbs, and compact fluorescent bulbs such as CFL bulbs. The characteristics of LED light bulbs make them the ideal choice for any application including general illumination, task lighting, accent lighting, display lighting, and much more.

For display lighting in particular LEDs are exceptional. The naturally directional quality of LED replacement bulbs or MR16 LED bulbs, light coupled with its cool beam makes LED bulbs ideal for lighting art, temperature sensitive food, and other things that are sensitive to heat. LED lights are the first of their kind to offer color changing bulbs. Color changing bulbs are already popular in homes and businesses, and will grow in popularity as homeowners and retailers see how much attention color changing light can bring to their spaces and merchandise. Join the LED lighting revolution and go green today!

LED Bulbs: MR16 - Best LED bulb replacement
In homes, restaurants, museums, and hotels the MR16 LED replacement bulbs are the most widely used bulb. MR16 LED bulbs are a favorite of lighting designers because they are compact, provide superior color rendering, and offer a highly focusable and precise beam of light. In addition to display lighting, the MR16 LED bulbs are used widely in projection lighting and effect lighting. The MR16 LED lighting are constantly being improved with energy saving dichroic reflectors, common in Osram bulbs, which filter out heat from the bulb’s light, making the bulb more efficient and producing cooler light. The MR16 LED replacement lamps are environmentally friendly light bulbs. These forms of Osram bulbs offer consumers unbeatable energy efficiency at incredibly low wattages. Whether you need GU10 bulbs, 12V MR16 LED lights, or less common MR bulbs like the MR18, Bulb America has the light bulbs you need.