SYLVANIA 158 T10 W5W Red LED Automotive Bulb

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1-PK SYLVANIA 158 T10 W5W Red LED Bulb

SYLVANIA LED bulbs deliver a balanced combination of performance and value. Tuners and auto enthusiasts alike can replace their vehicle's incandescent lights with a bright and long-lasting LED bulb for a unique and modern look in a simple and cost effective way.

- Withstands road shock and vibration for optimal performance
- Thermal management extends life and increase performance
- Instant full power, not the slower light up of incandescent bulbs
- LED bulb fits and installs the same as your old bulb
- Red LED bulb


- ANSI Code: 158
- Also Fits: 168R, 194R, 2825R
- Alternate Part Number: W5W
- Sylvania Part Number: 158RSL.BP SYL LED
- Primary Application: Interior Lighting
- Bulb Technology: LED Bulbs
- Base: W2.1x9.2d
- Bulb Shape: T10
- Wattage: 0.6W
- Color Temperature: REDK
- Amperage Draw: 0.05Amp
- Voltage: 12V
- Rated Life: Limited Lifetime