4in. to 9-1/4in. Retrofit Roof Flashings

Manufacturer: Morris SKU: MOR-G14752


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Our Chimney Roof Flashing makes tough applications easier.

  • Chimney roof flashing is designed for applications where continuous pipes or obstructions prevent the use of standard flashings
  • Easily installed by wrapping around existing pipe & fastening down onto roof deck
  • The pliable cone & stainless steel closure can easily be trimmed to the exact diameter of pipe to be flashed
  • Unique stainless steel roof flashing closure effectively resists corrosion & provides a positive weatherproof seal
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum base can be easily shaped to conform to most roof profiles
  • Made of flexible, weatherproof E.P.D.M. rubber
  • Insulates the pipe from building movement caused by expansion, contraction, & vibration
  • -30°F - 250°F continuous service temperature range
  • Pipe diameter markings on the flexible cone in inches & millimeters
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  • Minimum Order Qty = 1 Piece
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