Everest CYM 900 HFT

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EVEREST CYM 900 HFT is fitted with a wireless DMX receiver, for trouble free control of large or otherwise awkward installations where the running of DMX signal cable from the control system to the projector could be problematic. This system requires the use of Grivens wireless DMX transmitter. It uses the same housing as the Colosseo OS CYM 1000, and, due to the greater output of the MSD700 lamp, is an even more powerful alternative to the Colosseo. Standard 7 optics will produce an ultra narrow beam for great distances, the only trade off being a less smooth mix of color changing at closer projection distances, due to the more focused image. This ultra bright, ultra narrow beam ability is probably unique from an IP 65 rated color changer and will give lighting designers and specifies opportunities not previously available to them. However, the standard front diffusion glass and the manually adjustable zoom between 17 and 24 make the projector highly suitable for long distance coverage, as well. Other beam angles can also be achieved with optional additional filters. Color sequences and blends can be selected from a pre-programmed internal controller, with multiple unit synchronization possible, or controlled from the IP65 CYM dedicated controller or from any DMX512 control system. LAMP:700 W, 50.500 lm, 6.000 K Discharge lamp MSD 700 Average rated life 3.000 hours G 22 base Ordering code LP0700 STANDARDS:Pressure die cast aluminum body, with an adjustable mounting yoke. Scratch resistant textured polyester grey finish, which protects against UV deterioration and general corrosion. Front tempered glass shock resistant. Certified IP65 weather protection Electrical class: I Shock resistance: 0,8J. Product in compliance with CEI EN 60598-1 and CEI EN 60598-2-17. OPTICAL GROUP:The optical system utilizes an aluminum parabolic reflector to produce a 7 hard edge beam. A soft edge beam between 17 and 24 is available by the installation of an additional diffusion glass included and a manual zoom adjustment. Additional filters are available for alternative beam adjustments. COLOR CHANGER SYSTEM:CYM color changer system operated by high precision step motors, whereby the mixing of cyan, yellow and magenta diachronic filters can create virtually any desired color. BLACK-OUT:Variable speed black out effect. Linear 0-100% dimmer function. 2,6 FpS strobe maximum speed. LAMP:Internal controller with a choice of eight pre-programmed color change sequences, any of which can be easily selected from a rear mounted dip switch control panel. Master/slave option for multi unit synchronization. The dedicated IP65 CYM controller gives full remote programmed control, or any DMX512 controller can be linked five channels of DMX per projector. Remote lamp on/off function. COOLINGAn internal axial fan 120x120 mm keeps the level of heat within the unit constant and helps dissipation through the metal body, which assists lamp life and protects internal components and reflectors from heat damage. POWER SUPPLY:230 V, 50 Hz, 5,8 Amp


Application IP65 Color Changers
Light Source EVEREST CYM 900 HFT
Lamp Wattage (W) 700
Lamp Life (Hrs.) 3
Luminous Flux (LM) 50.500
Weather Protection IP65
Voltage (V) 230V 50Hz
Current (Amp) 5,8
Length (in) 22.79
Width (in) 21.25
Height (in) 21.65
Weight (lbs) 59.52

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