GE 250w 24v ELC MR16 Halogen Bulb

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This GE 250 watts 24 volts ELC bulb has a GX5.3 2-Pin Base. It has a rated life of 50 hours and a CC-6 filament. It has a 2.00 inch diameter and a 3400K color temperature. This MR16 Halogen Bulb overall length is 1.75 inches.


Abbreviation Name ELC
Ansi Code ELC
Base GX5.3 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3400K
Diameter (in) 2.00
Filament CC-6
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.75
Rated Life (Hours) 50
Shape MR16
Voltage (V) 24V
Wattage (W) 250W


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GE 37462 ELC

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