Graphite 600

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GRAPHITE 600 is a weatherproofed 575W color changer which has been designed for permanent exterior installation. The newly conceived outline provides for a compact and solid housing that blends discretely with any architectural environment. The standard optic group featured produces an electronically adjustable beam between 15 and 31. In addition, the range of optical combinations gives the ability to narrow the beam aperture down to 8 or increase it up to a wide angle output of 65. Beam shapers are also available for creative concepts. The subtractive color changing system that features variable transmission CYM dichroic ?lters can create a virtually endless variety of color hues and has been designed for excellent performance on smooth mixing between color changes. The special effects con?guration includes an electronic zoom, a mechanical shutter for instant black out, dimming and strobing facilities for dynamic lighting creations, remote lamp ON/OFF function and digital control of all tasks, including stand alone options and permanent color selection, with a maximum of six channels of DMX signal. The powerful and reliable performance of the fully equipped GRAPHITE 600 is a breakthrough in the constantly evolving architectural stage. LAMP: MSD 575 W, 45.000 lm, 6.000 K. Average rated life 3.000 hours. Ordering code LP0997 GX 9,5 base STANDARDS: Extruded aluminum body, with adjustable universal mounting yoke. Scratch resistant textured polyester grey ?nish, protected against UV deterioration and general corrosion. Front tempered glass shock resistant. Certi? ed IP65 protection rating for the most severe weather conditions. Electrical class: I. Product in compliance with CEI EN 60598- 1 and CEI EN 60598-2-17. OPTICAL GROUP: 127 mm ellipsoidal dichroic re?ector coupled with an optical con? guration that produces a beam angle combination which is electronically adjustable between 15 and 31. Optional lenses and beam shapers are available for alternative beam adjustments: 8-14 narrow output ?lter - ordering code AD3656. 40 output ?lter - ordering code AD3658. 65 wide output ?lter - ordering code AD3660. 15x38 beam shaper for use with 8 lens only - ordering code AD3662. COLOR CHANGER SYSTEM: Variable transmission hatched dichroic ?lters for a CYM color changer system that is operated by high precision stepping motors. The subtractive color mixing system produces a linear 0 -100% virtually unlimited color creation. GRAPHITE 600 MONOCHROME is also available upon request as a single color projector. DYNAMIC EFFECTS: Electronic zoom. Variable speed instant black out effect.Linear mechanical dimmer function. 8 FpS mechanical strobe system. Remote lamp on/off function. DIGITAL CONTROL: 6 channels of standard DMX 512 Internal controller with a choice of eight pre-programmed color-change sequences, any of which can be easily selected from the user friendly on-board control panel. Permanent color option. Master/slave function for multi-unit synchronization. Test mode for troubleshooting operation. Dedicated IP65 controller for full remote programmable control - ordering code AD3664. User friendly dedicated programming software for personal computer - ordering code AD4118. COOLING: Convection cooling plus two internal axial fans keep the level of heat within the unit constant and help dissipation through the body. Electronic temperature control to withstand persisting extreme weather conditions beyond 40C assists lamp life and protect internal components from heat damage. POWER SUPPLY: Standard power supply: 230 - 250V, 50-60 Hz, 3,5 Amp; Custom power supply: 100 - 120V, 50-60 Hz, 7 Amp (with separate ballast set); 200 - 208V, 50-60 Hz, 4,2 Amp. WEIGHT: 43 kg ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: 4-LEAF BARNDOOR SET - ordering code AD3654 SAFETY HOOK - ordering code AD3666


Application IP65 Color Changers
Lamp Wattage (W) 575
Lamp Life (Hrs.) 3
Luminous Flux (LM) 45.000
Weather Protection IP65

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