Kolorado MK3 1800

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KOLORADO MK3 1800, probably the most powerful outdoor colour changer of its category, is designed primarily for external architectural lighting, combining a wide angle high power flood light with the added benefits of a CYM colour changer, whereby the electronic mixing of cyan yellow and magenta dichroic filters can create virtually any desired colour, to highlight any building or structure to great effect. But KOLORADO MK3 is equally at home indoors and its newly designed patented optical system giving a considerably greater light output, makes the unit highly suitable for television and film sets, live performances, exhibitions, etc. The unit have been fitted with a separate ballast to facilitate even further the access to its internal components.KOLORADO MK3 can function stand alone via a selection of in-built pre-programmed colour blend sequences, with adjustable times between these, from a slow, subtle mood creating colour mix through to an exciting colour chase. Multiple units can be synchronized in this mode, with one unit acting as a master, or single or multiple units can be precisely controlled from five channels of standard DMX 512. Control set up is simplifies by the on board LED display and push button setting. The aluminium and galvanized steel body and the scratch resistant polyurethane paint are is part of a housing design, which is fully weatherproofed (IP44). Product InformationType Base:SFC 20-6 Colors Color (MIX): YES Projection Angle:74 (standard) 34 - 94 (optional) Dimmer: Mechanical Strobe:2,6 fps Operation DMX Channels: 5 Stand Alone:YES Master Slave:YES On Board Control:YES


Application Outdoor color changes
Light Source MHN-SA
Lamp Wattage (W) 1800
Lamp Life (Hrs.) 2500
Luminous Flux (LM) 180
Projection Angle (degree) 74
Weather Protection IP44
Voltage (V) 230-240V 50-60Hz
Current (Amp) 9
Length (in) 24.53
Width (in) 24.41
Height (in) 32.32
Weight (lbs) 154.35 Lbs
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

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