LIGHTRONICS FL-4020A AR Expansion Module Wall Mount Dimmer

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The FL-4020 is a four channel controller add on product for the AR-1202 Architectural dimmer. It provides control of dimmable fluorescent lighting ballasts. The FL-4020 provides four 2400 Watt channels of fluorescent dimming which is interfaced to the AR-1202 control circuitry. The AR-1202 uses its four auxillary channels (13 – 16 ) to control the FL-4020. Dual SCR “zero crossing” switching is used to control the switched hot lines.Specifications - 4 Channels - 2400W Fluorescent Dimmer Expander Module for AR-1202 - Fast Acting Magnetic Circuit Breakers - 3 Wire HOT, DIM, NEUTRAL Configuration - Optional 0-10VDC


Number of channels 4 channels
Length (in) 4
Height (in) 12
Width (in) 10
Weight (lbs) 27

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