Occupancy Sensors Ivory

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PIR Occupancy Sensors lead to great energy savings.

  • PIR Occupancy Sensor turns lights On/Off automatically when people enter or leave a room
  • Will work with Electronic Ballasts
  • PIR wall switch works best in offices, copy rooms, storage closets, small conference rooms, and other common areas where there are high levels of occupant motion.
  • The Passive Infrared (PIR) senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space.
  • On/Off pushbutton
  • Time delay Off setting is adjustable from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Ambient light setting automatically adjusts itself and controls when lights turn On/Off, depending on sufficient natural light present
  • “Walk through” sensing increases energy savings by shutting off lights shortly after momentary occupancy
  • Self-adaptive feature automatically adjusts time delay based on present occupancy
  • The sensors utilize a unique Fresnel lens which divides the coverage area into zones, enhancing detection of small movements
  • Has “Zero Arc Point” technology, which increases the life of controlled devices and enhances their reliability
  • Alert Function: sensors sound to let the occupant know the time delay will expire after 1 minute
  • Conforms to California Title 24 Energy Code
  • Wall plate Included, individually boxed
  • Single Pole
  • 120VAC, 60Hz
  • 500W Resistive
  • Tungsten: 500W @ 120V
  • Fluorescent: 500VA @ 120V
  • Motor: 1/8HP @ 120V
  • PIR Occupancy Sensor is UL/cUL Listed
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