Sylvania Quicktronic 40W 1x FT40DL Programmed Rapid Start Electronic Ballast

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Osram Sylvania Quicktronic Professional Series QTP1x40TT5/277-PSN-F 1 Lamp Programmed Start TT5 Electronic Ballast
Primary Lamp Tyoe: FT40DL
Also Operates: FT40DL/28W/SS
SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC PROStart DL40 ballasts operate DULUX L 40 lamps with maximum efficacy and high lumen output.
PROStart DL40 ballasts provide over 20% more lumen output than 34T12 systems. Also, the small lamp diameter and sleek profile provide new design options and improved fixture optics.
SYSTEM DL40 ballasts contain QUICKSENSE ballast technology, a patented circuitry designed to shut down the system reliably and safely when the lamps have reached their end-of-life.
These ballasts are also RoHS compliant and feature lead-free solder and manufacturing process.
Setting the standard for quality, QUICKTRONIC PROStart DL40 Systems are covered by the QUICK 60+ warranty, the first and most comprehensive system warranty in the industry.

- PROStart Programmed Rapid Start Ballast
- 0.88 Ballast factor
- QUICKSENSE ballast technology (end-of-lamp-life sensing)
- 0F (-18C) Starting Temp.
- High luminous efficacy
- Virtually eliminates lamp flicker
- Quiet operation
- High power factor
- Low harmonic distortion
- Lightweight
- Auto Reset
- RoHS compliant
- Lead-free solder and manufacturing process


Application Fluorescent
Ballast Factor 0.88
Lamp Wattage (W) 40
Total Harmonic Distortion Rating <10%
Power Factor 0.97
Voltage (V) 277
Length (in) 9.50
Height (in) 1.00
Width (in) 1.60

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