OSRAM TP-120E G5.3 GU5.3 GX5.3 GY5.3 lamp holder

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This lamp holders is for G5.3, GU5.3, GX5.3, GY5.3 base for bulbs like:- EYB- GCA- 64617SPOT- DED- EKE- ELC-3/X- ENL- EXR- FVL- ENH SPOT- ETJ- GLF- EYB-5- EJA- BAA- ELC-7/X- EKE/X- EXW- EPT- ENH-5- FVM- 64614- EVW- EJL- EYB-7- EXY- DDL- ENX- EKP/ENA- 64617- EPX- EJM- ELH- ELC-HL- FLE- EZE- FKT/EYH- ENX-5- DDM- 64624- ELC- EJV- EPZ- ELD- ENG- FHS- FXL- ENX-7- FSH- FXL-HL- DDS- ENH- ELC 64653- 85T3/RM - Strip Length (in): 0.25- Qualifications: UL Recognized-E31557, CSA Certified - LR20904- Wire Leads: Any UL recognized and CSA certified wire: AWG 20, 18 or 16, 300 V min, 221 F


Application Socket
Color White
Contact Material High Temperature Nickel Alloy
Operation Temperature (F) 437
Type TP-120E
Voltage (V) 250
Wire Guage/Type AWG18 SF1
Length (in) 12.00