Photocontrols Locking Type Shorting Cap

Manufacturer: Morris SKU: MOR-39056


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Locking Photo Controls secure your light settings.

  • Locking-type photo control offers an economical and cost-effective means of controlling residential lighting systems from dusk to dawn
  • #39050 heavy-duty thermal bi-metal switch provides a 30-45 second time delay to eliminate unwanted lamp cycling that could be caused by lightning, car headlights, etc.
  • Locking Photo Control typically mounts in dusk to dawn fixtures
  • Polycarbonate Cover – High Temp Polyester Base
  • Single Pole, Single Throw Switch
  • Temperature Range: -40°F – +150°F
  • Contact Position at Night is Normally Closed
  • Power Consumption Below .9 Watts Average
  • Three Pole Lock-Type Connector with Solid Brass Legs
  • UL Listed
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