Photocontrols Pencil Type Swivel Mount 120V

Manufacturer: Morris SKU: MOR-39060


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Our Swivel Mount Photo Controls give you versatility.

  • Thin cylindrical shape Swivel Mount Photo Control fits neatly between twin floodlights or other tight applications
  • Field adjustable swivel base makes it easy to direct the photocell away from stray light
  • “O” ring sealed to prevent water from entering through the knuckle
  • Heavy-duty thermal bi-metal switch provides a 30-45 second time delay to eliminate unwanted lamp cycling that could be caused by lightning, car headlights, etc
  • Swivel Mount Photo Controls typically mounts on fixtures or boxes
  • Weatherproof Polycarbonate Housing
  • Single Pole, Single Throw Switch
  • Temperature Range: -40°F – +150°F
  • Contact Position at Night is Normally Closed
  • Power Consumption Below .9 Watts Average
  • Standard 1/2” I.P.S. Pipe Thread Nipple
  • 6” Color Coded Leads with Wiring Diagram on Control
  • UL Listed
  • Order Qty of 1 = 1 Piece
  • Minimum Order Qty = 1